What do the school strikes have to do with Community Energy Fortnight?

As the School Strikes and Extinction Rebellion have demonstrated, we are living in unprecedented times of change. Last week, we met with one of the organisers of the School Strikes and discussed the huge appetite amongst tens of thousands of young people for social justice and good renewable energy jobs in their communities and for people and planet to be at the heart of the transition to the low, then no carbon economy. These aspirations are at the heart of community energy, making it a perfect conduit for inspiration, knowledge and hope for the future. Young people are tired of platitudes about green action, like we all are, and are actively looking for opportunities to learn from those who are doing, not just talking. We hope you will see the opportunity this Community Energy Fortnight to invite these motivated young people, who we are hearing from more and more, to your projects and show them how it works. You can find more information about how you can get involved here and you can participate in the conversation on social media using #PeoplePoweredFutures.

We will be announcing some unexpected, fun and outright provocative initiatives very soon, challenging parts of the energy sector to up their game before and during the fortnight. Watch this space. 

In solidarity,

Community Energy England - organising CEF19 on behalf of the UK Community Energy Coalition with support from Co-op Energy.