Understanding Community Asset Transfer: A Guide

Community ownership of land and buildings can transform neighbourhoods, support thriving community businesses,and unlock the power of community.

Thousands of spaces across the country are already owned by community organisations – from sports centres, shops and cinemas, to nurseries, health centres and wind turbines.

For community businesses, owning an asset can provide a sustainable income stream and a secure base for community activities, service delivery and local enterprise. Community ownership also enables local people to take control of the important spaces and buildings which matter to them locally, to meet the priorities and needs of the local area. Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of a publicly owned asset (usually land or buildings) to a community organisation at less than market value, or at nil consideration (no cost).

This guide provides information and advice about Community Asset Transfer. It can be a long and complex process, and in this guide we provide support to guide you on your community ownership journey.

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