Local Authority Toolkit on Fuel Poverty

BEIS have commissioned Cornwall Council, in partnership with Citizens Advice, to produce toolkits to share best practice in establishing support to tackle fuel poverty.

The purpose of this toolkit is to capture the hearts and minds of local government and their partner agencies so that when they come across a cold, damp home they know where to refer, why they are referring and be confident that the referral could make a difference to people’s lives.

This is a call to action, that by working together we can all ensure that as many homes as possible are energy efficient by 2030 and their occupiers are staying warmer for less.

The toolkit is focussed on how Local Authorities can use energy efficiency to support fuel poor and vulnerable households. The toolkit is designed to:

• Help local authority officers and members understand the drivers for taking action;

• Help local authority officers and members understand what options they have and what outcomes they are trying to achieve;

• Provide guidance and signpost to tools to support in taking action.

The toolkit and the information contained applies to England only. Local authorities in Scotland and Wales may find some of the information of value and equally we could learn a lot from how things are done in Scotland and Wales.

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