Local Supply: Options For Selling Your Energy Locally (3rd ed.)

Regen published the 3rd edition of its paper on the role of local supply in a changing market, in partnership with Stephen Scown and Cornwall Council. This edition focuses on the most recent innovations and thinking in local supply models and on whether local balancing of generation and demand can result in cheaper power to local people and a better price for the local generator.

The purpose of this paper is to help community organisations and suppliers understand how the electricity supply market is changing, what the emerging local supply models are and the key considerations and challenges to making them work.

It looks at where there are sources of value from a more local approach, which can then be reflected in lower tariffs for demand customers and a better price for local generation. It identifies four emerging models that could access sources of value from a more local approach and feeding these through to customers and generators via better prices. They are: local generation tariffs, microgrids, peer-to-peer trading and aggregators.

Previous editions of the paper provide more information on more established local supply models, such as white labels, sleeving and energy service companies. You can find the 2nd edition here.




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