Independent research and evidence

This pages hosts links to independent evidence and research on the impact and potential of community energy.

Current research projects seeking participation

Here we list research projects being conducted by students and professionals who are looking for participants or input.

Katlin is researching factors influencing long term participation of shareholders in community energy projects in the United Kingdom The research aims to understand the motivations and attitudes of shareholders of community energy projects and how these factors may change over time. With this we hope to help the organisations in the UK design better approaches to ensure the long-term sustainability of their projects and engage their shareholders further. Please complete the online questionnaire.

Stephen is investigating the factors that influence the success and performance of community energy projects. Establishing the factors that contribute to a successful project will improve the performance of future projects. He is looking for members of communities to interview from September 2018- December 2018 to assess their experience and involvement in their local community energy project. To measure the performance of a community energy project, he will require energy use data which some communities may have via monitoring systems installed when the community energy project was set up. This data would allow me to investigate the relationship between energy use and community energy projects. Willing participants can get in contact with him through email at

Jo is currently researching for her PhD which is investigating the role of social enterprise across the community energy sector in the UK. After some initial interviews with community energy groups earlier in the year it became apparent that there were some common issues that community groups faced. However, as this study was limited to the North West of England the next stage of the research is to invite participants from across the UK to complete a short 5 to 10 minute questionnaire to generate further data. It is the overall aim of the project that this data can be utilised to make some meaningful impact within the sector going forward. If you’d like to discuss this research further or take part in the study by completing the questionnaire please contact Jo Hillman directly on e-mail

Jordan Megee is conducting research into community level micro-generation projects in order to identify the barriers and opportunities to implementation, and the implications. In addition, to building an understanding of the current impact of the reduction of FiT and potential future impacts. The focuses on small scale wind power. If willing to participate in a 20-30 minute phone call, please email

To have your research project listed here, please email

Further information

WREN link to some great research they have been involved in with various universities.

In 2016, 10:10 produced an insightful report Community energy - The way forward

2015 saw Community Energy England Produce their report Community Energy: Generating More than Renewable Energy

NESTA have produced a paper that discusses local and community-based approaches to energy and the role of Councils in particular, called Local energy in an age of austerity

Case studies of successful approaches to community energy are available at the Community Pathways website

Respublica have produced a report on Creating Local Energy Economies: Lessons from Germany

In 2013 Respublica produced a report on The Community Renewables Economy


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