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This page hosts research and evidence around the effectiveness of community energy which has been funded by UK government.

Further information

The first ever UK Community Energy Strategy was launched in January 2014. The strategy itself contains useful evidence and projections on the potential impact of community energy and a number of other reports were produced to inform the strategy. These documents are available at this link to Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) Community Energy Strategy web page. The research papers available on the site include:

DECC also conducts regular research into public attitudes around energy issues. The June 2015 survey includes information on attitudes to energy efficiency and a range of different generation technologies as well as responses to the following statement: "Renewable energy developments should provide direct benefit to the communities in which they are located". The results are included in the DECC public attitudes tracking survey.

DECC have commissioned studies to gain greater insight into the size, scope and experiences of the UK community energy sector. Data is being continuously gathered and there is an opportunity to assist with building the evidence base. A slide pack has been made available which can be downloaded from the resources page.


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