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This page hosts links to research and evidence about community energy categorised by year. 

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Community Energy State of the Sector 2019 reportCommunity Energy England and Community Energy Wales launched the third State of the Sector Report at the Community Energy Conference on 23rd of June 2018. This report builds upon the reports launched in 2017 and 2018 which set a benchmark for annual community energy generation, energy savings and CO2 reduction projects in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This report looks at data from 2018. To access the accompanying documents follow link.

Visions for the Future of Community Energy in the UK - produced by Tyndall Manchester, this report looks at what community energy in the UK might look like, exploring  five different business models in-depth. The research for this report was collected through a series of workshops held across the UK over 2018 - 2019 with community energy practitioners. 

Community Energy 2.0 Report and Community Energy Manifesto - produced by Green Alliance, calls on the government to recognise their role in meeting the UK’s aim for a low carbon energy system, to change its approach and help local energy projects to thrive and achieve their full potential, including creating new routes to market for community supplied energy. Twenty community energy and affiliated groups, including Community Energy England, Regen, Co-operative Energy and a number of impact investors from across the UK launched The Community Energy Manifesto on Monday 25 February in Westminster alongside the Community Energy 2.0 report (see the link above). 

The Evolution of Community Energy in the UK - This UKERC Working Paper seeks to understand the factors contributing to the emergence, growth and nature of community energy in the UK. It is based on a review of existing data and literature, and focuses on investigating the role of financing mechanisms and business models in the evolution of the community energy sector.

Community Energy Regional Research - The South, South East and LondonCommunity Energy England partnered with Community Energy South and UK Power Networks, with support from Community Energy East and Community Energy London to conduct a survey of Community Energy groups in London and the East, South, South East of England to understand more about their needs and aspirations from industry and future energy networks.


Community Energy State of the Sector 2018 report- Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales proudly launched the second State of the Sector Report at the Community Energy Conference on 23rd of June 2018. This report builds upon the landmark report first launched in 2017 which set a benchmark for annual community energy generation, energy savings and CO2 reduction projects in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The first report assessed data up to the end of 2016 and this report looks at data from 2017. To access the accompanying documents follow link

Community Energy: A Local Authority Perspective - Alongside Community Energy England’s 2017 State of the Sector Report, a small sample of local authorities were surveyed to highlight their current community energy activities. With a growing national movement actively looking to produce and supply energy at a local level there is a clear need for both the community energy sector and local authorities to understand how they can, together, help advance and deliver powerful ‘local energy’ solutions.

Community Owned Electrical Vehicle Chargers - Community Energy England have produced a report looking at electric vehicle charging and the opportunities this can bring to community energy groups. With expert advice from Cenex and Gwent Energy CIC, this report should give some inspiration and suggestions for if EV charging is suitable for your community energy project to consider. 

Community Energy in the UK - Produced by Green House Think Tank. It tells the story of people in the UK who have attempted to gain ownership of the bits of their energy system available to them – to meet the challenge posed by climate change – and to help people struggling with the cost of the energy needed to keep themselves warm and healthy. 


Community Energy State of the Sector 2017 Report - Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales were proud to launch the first State of the Sector Survey on the 24th of June 2017. This landmark report has collected a vast amount of data from 2016 on community energy generation, energy savings and CO2 reduction projects in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. To access the accompanying documents follow this link.

Fuel poverty and what the Community Energy Sector is doing about it - Using case studies, this report highlights how Community Energy groups are especially well placed to provide life-changing assistance to vulnerable households living in fuel poverty. Produced by Community Energy England. 

Community Energy: Generating More Than Renewable Energy (Infographics)Infographics focusing on monetary and social benefits gained from community energy schemes in England Wales and Northern Ireland. Produced by Community Energy England. 


Community energy - The way forward - Fascinating and inspiring conversations with over 30 leading community energy groups about the future of  UK community energy, produced by 10:10


Community Energy: Generating More than Renewable Energyproduced by Community Energy England looking at the additional economic, social and environmental benefits of community energy projects. 

Local energy in an age of austerityNesta have produced a paper that discusses local and community-based approaches to energy and the role of Councils in particular.


UK's Community Energy Strategy was launched in January 2014. The strategy itself contains useful evidence and projections on the potential impact of community energy and a number of other reports were produced to inform the strategy. These documents are available at this link to Department of Energy and Climate Change's (DECC) Community Energy Strategy web page. The research papers available on the site include:

  • Community Renewable Electricity Generation: Potential Sector Growth to 2020
  • Community Energy in the UK: Part 2, a review of the UK community energy sector
  • Learnings from the DECC Community Energy Efficiency Outreach Programme

DECC also conducts regular research into public attitudes around energy issues. The June 2015 survey includes information on attitudes to energy efficiency and a range of different generation technologies as well as responses to the following statement: "Renewable energy developments should provide direct benefit to the communities in which they are located". The results are included in the DECC public attitudes tracking survey.

What is Community Energy? -  This paper by CEE board member Peter Capener suggests that whilst there is a clear set of principles underlying community energy, there is also a range of challenges and still to be resolved issues that will need to be addressed with openness and creativity as the sector matures.


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