Training and Education

Community Energy Efficiency Toolkit

Training should be tailored to a particular set of needs so it can be made relevant to many different target audiences.

Benefits of this approach

  • Enables a deeper level of engagement than advice stands and surgeries
  • Enables targeting of very specific needs of particular audience groups.

Success factors

  • Put the learner first, tailoring messages to them rather than trying to change their values
  • Course accreditation and using certified training providers lends credibility and enables learners to gain qualifications. This in turn can make the training more appealing, as potential learners can see what they will gain from it.
  • Target training to a particular need and an appropriate audience. Professional organisations may be more likely than householders to take up practical, skills-orientated training. Content must be tailored to the audience, for example:

Things to consider

It can be difficult to measure longer term impact as it is often a one-off interaction. Consider at the outset if your training is a one-off experience or part of a longer learning journey.

Encouraging uptake of training, particularly amongst the public, can be difficult. Work with partner organisations to identify particular needs to address for their audience. Developing courses for existing training/education providers enables you to take advantage of their accreditation structures and marketing.

Useful partnerships

  • Accredited training providers and learning centres.
  • Audience-specific support organisations and professional bodies
  • Relevant employers (e.g. local authority, RSLs, architects, builders)

Resources for download

Overview of how 11 communities have delivered training and education under the Big Lottery’s Communities Living Sustainably programme (includes case studies).

Sustain Eden draught proofing course materials for professionals:

Further info

Community Group Training is part of The National Training Academy and aims to be a one stop shop for community groups needing training, advice and support. They provide online training and support to volunteers and staff working for small to medium sized community and voluntary groups.

Talk Action is a social enterprise that works to promote equality, opportunity, diversity and community action through projects, training and events. Talk Action’s work seeks to enable community cohesion and give people the skills, confidence and motivation to combat barriers they may face.

Visit the Greening Wingrove website to find out more about their English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Energy in the Home materials (lesson plans, handouts, teaching materials, feedback form).

Visit the Irwell Valley Sustainable Communities project’s Broughton Trust website. The Broughton Trust is an experienced community-based education provider that can accredit courses. Carbon Co-op was contracted by Broughton Trust to deliver accredited Domestic Energy Assessor training under the Big Lottery’s Communities Living Sustainably programme.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy and Cumbria Action for Sustainability websites contain lots of resources that could be used in delivering training as part of your energy efficiency project.


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