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This pages hosts links to independent evidence and research on the impact and potential of community energy.

Current research projects seeking participation

Here we list research projects being conducted by students and professionals who are looking for participants or input.

The University of Reading is looking at issuing an academic paper looking into the actions of Community Energy Projects. If you are interesting in filling out a short survey to support this research please follow this link.

Community approaches to energy saving and decarbonisation have been studied widely throughout the UK energy sector, yet little focus has been turned to the knowledge sharing aspect of this community interaction. The aim of this study is to examine the nature of knowledge shared been energy consumers within UK communities. This will be achieved by a) assessing potential barriers to knowledge sharing within communities b) exploring the potential strategies for knowledge sharing in communities and c) assessing whether, how and why these strategies are effective.

 As part of this research, I am looking to conduct a number of short 40 minute interviews with community energy group members to explore this knowledge sharing process in more detail. The contributions of this project will involve answers to all of the above questions, as well as a community energy specific framework that outlines the knowledge transfer process. 

 PLease email for more info. 

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