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This pages hosts links to independent evidence and research on the impact and potential of community energy.

Current research projects seeking participation

Here we list research projects being conducted by students and professionals who are looking for participants or input.

My name is Susana Soeiro and currently I am a PhD student in Business and Economics of the University of Aveiro - Portugal. My PhD thesis focus in renewable energy cooperatives and/or renewable energy communities across Europe. A lot of research has been conducted on other cooperatives, but just little on renewable energy cooperatives. With this survey I intend to better understanding of what renewable energy communities are, the main characteristics, the motivations that lead a person to participate in a renewable energy community and the performance in several European countries, as well as the real benefits and challenges. The survey may be filled in here. If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Energy Local Club are looking for people to partake in their survey exploring the energy needs of households across the country. They are investigating how able or willing are households to shift their energy use to different times of the day to match generation and or cheaper electric prices. This is part of their government-funded energy demand management project

The Powershifts project is currently investigating the impact that decentralisation of energy is having on political decision-making. To find out more about this research follow this link. The project is run with support through an EU Horizon2020 Marie Curie Fellowship, the University of Sussex, and Utrecht University.

This research by by Jack Wilkinson-Dix hopes to explore how the co-benefits and motivations of projects are realised. It seeks to determine whether this differs according to the specific context in which groups operate in, be this related to geography, socio-economic circumstance, origins and structures of the group in question, or the particular barriers groups must overcome.

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