Warm & well


In June 2016, PEC were awarded almost £500,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to use for 4 years to help disabled people in Plymouth stay warm and well. They can now support anyone with a physical disability, mental health need or learning disability to stop their home making their physical or mental health worse.

3000 people talked to PEC about the problems they have. Here are some of the most common:

Not enough money to pay fuel bills
Debt to energy suppliers and others
Cold homes that are not insulated – they cost a lot to heat and lose the heat quickly
Damp and black mould on walls and ceilings
Feeling that they don’t know enough to change supplier or lower bills

What they can do to help:

Visit residents in their home to see what they're having difficulty with
Look at ways to save money by switching supplier or using energy better
See if they can get more money, through grants and benefits, as yet unclaimed, such as the Warm Home Discount.
Make changes. PEC can treat damp, stop draughts or see if a new heating system would help
Ask more organisations to help. They can organise all sorts of help for residents' home and wellbeing


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