Community Energy GM


18 diverse organisations across Greater Manchester are raising the funds they need for solar panels that will cut carbon, boost budgets and get local communities thinking about energy, fuel poverty and climate change.

Each of the groups taking part is looking to raise a minimum of £3,000 through community fundraising. They’ll be running events, talking to local businesses and asking their friends, neighbours and you to chip in what you can. The more they raise, the more they’ll benefit for years to come. In Spring/Summer 2016, the groups will invite people across Greater Manchester and beyond to join them in investing in solar panels that will be installed on their roofs.

These diverse groups - community centres, a gym, a garden centre, churches, enterprise centres and more - are taking on something ambitious. It if works, they’ll have extra funds to provide vital services, will be doing their bit to tackle climate change and will have started a conversation about energy, climate change and fuel poverty across the region. But they can’t do it without your help.


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