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The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) publishes a popular series of energy advice leaflets, printed and downloaded in their tens of thousands already. Almost everything to do with domestic energy use is covered, with more topics being added all the time. Our information sheets are regularly updated so you can be sure you're getting reliable and up to date information to give out in your community and at your events. Some topics are listed below.

You can see and download information sheets here:
Alternatively, get in touch with us to find out about ordering hard copies:

More tips on running events:
A short video on giving energy avice:

Information sheets include:
Solid wall insulation
Internal wall insulation
External wall insulation
Roof insulation
Hard-to-treat cavity wall insulation
Converting the loft
Energy efficient glazing
High performance external doors
Secondary glazing
DIY draught-proofing
Damp and condensation
Upgrading your boiler
Central heating controls
Flue gas heat recovery
Hot water cylinder thermostats
Hot water cylinder insulation
Underfloor heating
Showerheads and hot taps
Room heaters
Getting the most from your energy supplier
Reading your gas or electricity meter
Understanding your electricity bill
Understanding your gas bill
What uses watt: how much electricity am I using?
Domestic-scale solar electricty
Solar water heating
Small scale biomass heating
Air source heat pumps
Ground source heat pumps
Small scale wind turbines
Feed-in Tariffs
Renewable Heat Incentive
Making the most of your solar panels
Rent a roof PV schemes
What to do with your Green Deal Advice Report
Green Deal: Consumer rights
Energy monitors
Water saving
Smarter driving


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