Community Energy Projects in a Box


Everything you need to run a local energy a box!

The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has developed the concept of community energy ‘Projects in a Box’. The aim is to remove as many barriers as possible to the delivery of discrete energy projects in a community, by providing all of the materials and guidance needed, literally in a box.

The projects are to help fledgling groups get started, and to help maintain momentum in existing groups. They mean you can deliver projects locally that have measureable impacts, thus building your reputation in the community, and raising awareness of the benefits that energy projects can bring. In turn, this should make it easier to get broad community buy-in when it comes to running a more ambitious project or initiative.

Projects range from activities that can be delivered in a day through to longer-term projects that might be delivered over the course of several months or a year. The resources take the hard work out of planning and preparation, so it’s easier to get started. All the projects are designed for community level delivery and can be run by individuals who are not necessarily experts in the field, to achieve effective local engagement and low carbon impact.

A whole suite of of boxes are available and more are in development. Examples include: draught-busting workshops; light bulb swaps; giving advice in your community; energy auditing for community buildings; energy efficiency in traditional homes; running a green open homes event; setting up a bulk buy scheme. The boxes contain everything needed to get going, but in some cases – for example for groups with little experience or keen to improve their knowledge and expertise – additional support can be provided. Boxes can also be tailored for specific needs, and bespoke boxes can be developed on request.

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