Smart and local energy market development


The future of energy is locally generated, locally owned, low carbon and smart. The development of smart energy technologies provides the potential to change the way households, businesses and communities generate and consume energy. Energy storage and management technologies will help to balance energy generation and consumption on a more local scale. This will help increase the percentage of our energy that can be generated from variable and local renewable sources and better manage our electricity networks.

The energy industry is already changing with new supply companies beginning to challenge the ‘big six’ and commercial models emerging that enable small consumers and generators to become active participants in the energy market.

CfR is already working with a number of pro-active localities and clients who are leading the way in smart energy innovation. As replicable models become established CfR will be working with these pioneers to help other localities replicate and scale up the models. We're working with the WREN local energy enterprise in Wadebridge (North Cornwall) to develop the ‘Smart Market Town’ initiative to establish a replicable model for smart local energy market at town-scale. We're also working with a social housing association to develop a business model for smart energy ESCO. We're working with RegenSW on the evidence base for the Smart Cornwall program (a key theme for the next round of European Convergence Funding), with a focus on the local social and economic benefits that could be enabled by smart energy technologies deployed under local energy business models


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