Sustainable Energy 24 (SE24)

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SE24 is a new community group based in South London. We aim to encourage and develop locally-owned renewable energy projects, so that we can all reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and put money back into the local community. To start with we are focusing on installing solar panels on community buildings and businesses. We aim to create jobs in the local community through the installation and maintenance of solar energy equipment and improving insulation and draft proofing in partner properties. By putting money back into the local community we aim to generate social engagement, particularly through action to tackle energy poverty.

Our first installations are now complete. SE24 has partnered Herne Hill United Church and Herne Hill Methodist Church Hall to install solar PV panels on both buildings which are now generating cheap and clean electricity at both sites. This is the platform on which SE24 intends to build with new installations planned on other community buildings in South London.

Contact us by emailing or on Twitter @SolarEnergySE24


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