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By request, we have created this discussion board as a place to ask questions which you are not sure if the are crazy, genius, or both.

This is an experiment, so we can not guarantee responses, but we do hope it takes off as a sounding board for ideas.


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2¬†years ago  /  edit reply

Is this idea crazy enough? Our village recently built a sports pavilion with limited funds so we were cautious about implementing all our energy related ideas. We made sure the building was well insulated and we included underfloor heating pipes even though we had no means of supplying the heat! Once the building was complete we were left with enough money to either install solar panels or an air source heat pump but not both. The FIT rates for electricity had been substantially reduced so we installed the heat pump which gave us a working building. We now run the heat pump for about a day before an event and the building stays warm for a few days afterwards then reverts to frost protection mode. We have now raised funds to buy the solar panels and FIT has reduced again. We are therefore including a battery in the installation and will only run the heat pump when we are generating electricity.suspect that electricity generation is now only financially viable if you can use the power so we need to find ways. The battery should be able to run our floodlights at night for about an hour (users will continue to pay for the lights and these funds can be recycled). So what is the crazy idea? How else could we use power? What about installing an charge point for electric cars as there are grants available to subsidise these? How about buying and hiring out electric bicycles to tourists but have been warned off this as the maintenance costs are high (and I understand that some enterprising tourists swap their own defective batteries for the ones on the hire bikes!) Do you have any crazier ideas we could think about?

2¬†years ago  /  edit reply

Hi Ian. Thanks for the question. Great to hear about what you have been working on. Regarding electric vehicles, we will shortly be publishing a guide for what opportunities electric vehicle charging can bring community groups. Watch this space. With regards to your other questions, I think this would be great opportunity to see what the community energy hive mind can offer up. I will see if Twitter can shed some light on this.....