Energy Alton


In 2015 Eggar’s School, Amery Hill School, both secondary Academies and Alton Sixth form College were approached by Energy Alton offering to put solar panels on the three sites at no cost to the schools and the College. The capital cost of installation would be met by a public share offer and financed by receipts from the Feed- In Tariff, from selling electricity to the national grid and savings on energy costs on the three sites.
Energy Alton is a not for profit community group dedicated to helping home owners and community organisations reduce energy costs and carbon emissions by making buildings more energy efficient and increasing renewable energy sources. Energy Alton was responsible for the installation of solar panels on Alton Library in 2013.

Representatives from the two schools and the College met with Energy Alton informally and expressed interest in the proposal. Energy Alton obtained a grant under the RCEF to conduct a Feasibility Study into the proposal. The Feasibility Report has just been completed by the National Energy Foundation. It concludes that installing 50KW solar panels on each site is technically and financially viable. The solar panels would be owned by the community group (Energy Alton or another not for profit organisations) with permission to place the panels on the roofs secured by a Roof Agreement with the respective authorities. Energy Alton is in discussion with Hampshire Renewable Energy Cooperative to raise the finance and manage the installation. Negotiations continue with stakeholders and plan to complete the installation by mid 2017.


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