Wellington Baptist church and community centre biomass boiler


Last year we replaced a very old oil boiler with a new froling p4 100 kW pellet boiler in the community centre
Due to the short time to complete before tariff drop we used some short term finance to complete the installation
We would now like to replace this finance house loan with community loans
We are offering 10 year loans at 5% with capital repaid in annual installments or a 20 year bond at 6%
This is organised thorough our investors club where investors are trustees and ensure fair and transparent treatment
We have been using this finance method for 6 year (some of the first systems are over 50% paid for)
We aggregrate the loans and projects in one pot to ensure everyone gets paid
We have never missed payment to an investor and total tariff income is about double the investor payments
The loan is a contractural agreement where we always pay the capital and interest as specified.
This is very important to us
as an investor you will get regular newsletters on how we are helping local sustainability organisations such as transition town and Bee Friendly Monmouthshire
you will also get an invite to the investor club christmas lunch in one of our community centres
next one christmas lunch is on 11th Dec
The boiler has performed perfectly since installation and has kept the church well heated



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