Local Energy Scotland


Local Energy Scotland is a consortium made up of the Energy Saving Trust (EST), Changeworks, The Energy Agency, Scarf and The Wise Group. Local Energy Scotland administers and manages the Scottish Government's Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) with support for delivery from Ricardo Energy & Environment.

Local Energy Scotland helps the development of local energy, focused on supporting community and local ownership of renewable energy and exploration of localised energy systems and solutions. Local energy can take many forms, and will be different for each community - whether looking at a renewable generation asset, local supply, heat, electricity, transport, or a unique combination of individual components to best serve a local area.

To support the development of local energy projects, Local Energy Scotland offers:
• Free advice and support to help communities and rural businesses develop local energy schemes,
• Support to access CARES funding - grants and loans available
• Advice on funding streams and support to access other public loan support available

Contact Local Energy Scotland to find out more and consider how renewable energy and low-carbon technologies might work for your community.


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