SENSIBLE at the Meadows Community


SENSIBLE stands for 'Storage ENabled SustaInable energy for BuiLdings and communitiEs'.

The overall objective of Project SENSIBLE is to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a storage-enabled sustainable energy supply for buildings and communities.
The project will work towards achieving the 2030 target set by the European Union, namely to:
1. reduce green house gas emissions by 40%
2. create a sustainable energy supply

A wide range of partners will work together to demonstrate that EU 2030 targets can be met on a local level, through intelligent integration of existing small-scale technologies with local power system grids.

There are three demonstration sites for the SENSIBLE project:
Évora - demonstrating energy storage and energy management applications, both applied to grid and behind-the-meter applications, thus creating value for DSO and enabling for end user market participation.
Nottingham - demonstrating storage integrated in buildings and community, combining local RES generation and energy-market participation.
Nuremberg - demonstrating integration of electrical and thermal storage together with heat pumps, CHP and different energy vectors. The integration is done by means of a BEMS that minimises the building’s energy procurement costs.


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