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Public Power Solutions are a Public Sector Renewable Energy Developer. We blend the best of the commercial world and the public sector to deliver truly community engaged and sustainable projects. We are at the forefront of holistically integrated projects that cross both technical and sector boundaries. To date we have delivered C.I.C projects, Bond Offers, Trust Funds and innovative partnership solutions. We have developed over 70MW of Solar on these models and have more in the pipeline for both Central Government and Local Government assets. Our primary aim is to take away the risk from the public and community sector but maximise the benefit to them. We have developed a unique procurement tool that allows for multiple supplier assessment for each project we develop which allows best value to be delivered as well as being public sector procurement compliant.


Chapel Farm

A former landfill owned by Swindon Borough Council this is an 8MW solar park on a shared ownership basis. The ...

Common Farm

Common Farm is a Swindon Borough Council owned farm that is being shared with the current onsite farming activities to ...

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