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Hi. I have a long standing interest in renewable energy systems - writing my first paper on biomass power plants in 1980! Currently I am involved in 2 community energy co-operatives.

Basingstoke Energy Services Co-operative is owned and run by its customers. Profits are donated to local charities. We design install and maintain solar PV and air source heat pumps in and around North Hampshire. Berkshire and Surrey. We have installed 150kW plus systems for local schools and colleges as well as small 3kW systems for local people. Our focus is on larger scale roof top installations for community groups, schools, colleges and local councils. If you are looking for help in designing or installing a system please do let us know.

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative was formed 3 years ago to get community ownership of a 28MW wind Farm at Bullington Cross in Hampshire. We got over 2,800 local people to support the planning application. Despite this the application was turned down. The Government decision in July 2015 to "ban" on-shore wind farms meant we now focus on funding and building community owned solar farms, solar roof top and renewable heat projects. Find our more at


Basingstoke Energy Services Co-operative

Basingstoke Energy Services Co-operative (Bes Co-op) is owned by the local community for the benefit of the local community. We ...

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative

Hampshire Renewable Energy Co-operative (HREC) is a local co-operative identify and building community owned renewable energy system in Hampshire. Our ...

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