• I have signed up to the hub, am I now a member of Community Energy England?

    No, but we absolutely welcome you to do so. All information about joining can be found here. We have different levels of membership dependent on what sort of organisation you are. Community Energy England is the voice of the community energy sector in England. To join is to stregthen our voice.

  • Should I set my group up with an "organisation profile" or a project page?

    This is a common question, and the answer is that it depends.

    Your group should almost certainly have a "project page". The question is should you also have a "profile page" for your group?

    Thinking that through ... would you consider your group to be a one-off project, or an organisation? Are you likely to be running or develop more than one project?

    If the answer is yes, you should definitely create an "organisational profile" ... then you can link all the projects you are running (or will run in future) to your "organisational profile" page!

    Even if the answer is no or don't know, you might still want to have both types of page, so that you can effectively use the site "as" your group.

    Once you have an "organisational profile" for your group, you can:

    1. set up any number of projects from your group's account, so that the profile page is listed as the administrator for the project page, and
    2. be able to post comments across the site "as your group".

    Obviously only one person will have the login for this "organisational profile" initially, so make sure to share the login details if you feel like you'd like other people (e.g. your committee) to represent your group on the site.

    Either way, it's sensible to have your own (personal) profile on the site.

  • Are projects able to have multiple admins?

    Not yet ... this should come in the future.

    If you want to have multiple admins for your project page (e.g. the board or steering group), you should consider setting up the project page using an "organisational" profile (and sharing the login details).

  • How can I change the administrator for our project page?

    Please drop us a line explaining what you would like to do, using the email address in the footer (below).

  • How do we decide what type of project is right for our community?

    When you're choosing what type of projects to deliver through you community group it's worth considering:

    • What skills do you have in our group?
    • What local issues do you have? (e.g. is fuel poverty a problem? Are economic regeneration and improving skills a bigger issue?)
    • What is the energy baseline for your area? (where is energy used? who by? what sort of fuels? etc)
    • What renewable energy resources are available?
    • Who could you partner with or who could help you?

    The Hub has lots of resources to help you. Good places to start are:

    The "Establishing a Group page" has links to information on starting a community energy project and looking at energy across your area.

    The "Energy efficiency project planning" page has links to information on understanding the energy baseline for your area and how to target and plan energy efficiency projects.

    The "Renewable energy project planning" page has links to information on choosing a site for and planning a renewable energy project.

    The "Choosing and developing projects" section has information on the different types of project you could run, helping you to choose and then develop the most appropriate project for your area.

  • What resources can I add?

    The bulk of the content in the early days of this site has been added by Energy Saving Trust and its partners, in consultation with the sector.

    However, this is designed to be a dynamic knowledge hub, with content added (and rated) regularly by stakeholders from across the sector.

    Users are able to add a "resource" if they are logged in, and are an administrator of a "project". Any resources added will need to be approved by a site admin before they become visible to (and searchable by) others on the site.

    More details on how to upload a resource can be found here.

    There can be many types of resource. The most common are: Files (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel documents), Websites, Images or Videos.

    You can also use the resource page to write a blog.

    Please remember to tag your resource, so that it can be found by others.

    If you are not a project administrator, you can still suggest resources to be included (or updated) by emailing the address in the footer below.

Don't see your question here? Email us at the address below.