This is a list of community groups utilising solar PV on their projects.

There are a wide range of benefits to using solar PV in your community which include: -

  • Solar PV is a straightforward, well understood technology with a predictable output. This makes it easier to understand the associated costs and risks than with other technologies.
  • Roof-mounted solar PV is generally less controversial than many other technologies so planning permission is less of a barrier.
  • Solar PV offers a steady income stream via the feed-in tariff, with possible tax-breaks further improving the rate of return to local investors.
  • Community solar projects produce low carbon electricity which can be used to reduce the energy bills of a community building. Excess power is exported and therefore reduces the carbon emissions of the grid as a whole, providing both local and wider environment benefits.
  • Community owned solar projects can provide local economic benefit through building skills, creating new jobs and providing work for local installers.
  • Solar PV can be scaled to provide 100% of its output to a building. This will remove the need for an export grid connection and avoid any grid-constraints (e.g. over capacity from existing renewables)


Ferry Farm Community Solar Project

CfR is helping communities and renewable energy companies work together to develop and deliver shared ownership models for MW-scale solar and wind projects. This is one of our 'Split-FIT' solar PV farms, planned for Selsey, West Sussex. Profits from the ...

Gawcott Fields Community Solar Project

CfR is helping communities and renewable energy companies work together to develop and deliver shared ownership models for MW-scale solar and wind projects. This is one of our 'Split-FIT' solar PV farms, planned near Gawcott in Buckinghamshire. Profits from the ...

Chiddinglye Farm Community Solar Project - Repowering Balcombe

REPOWERBalcombe are planning to build a 5MW solar farm a few miles from the village. The planning application is in a decision is due in early October!

Balcombe and Turners Hill Primary Schools

In August 2015 we installed a 10kW solar PV system at Balcombe Primary School and a 16kW system at Turners Hill Primary School. We will also be installing a display board at the schools to teach the children about the ...

Streatham Power

Streatham Power is a community-owned social enterprise that exists to enable the local community to lead Streatham’s transition to a resilient and zero carbon energy future. The organisation evolved from initial discussions within Transition Streatham, a local group looking at ...

Rosendale Energy

Excited to be part of bringing sustainable solar community energy to Rosendale Primary School, All Saints Church, The Whytefield & Lairdale Estates in SE21 with Repowering Brixton and local residents

Cardiff Community Energy

Solar on 5 Cardiff schools to be installed in August 2016.

Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley

£80k raised by Grand Union Community Energy to install 50kWp solar panels on school roofs, generating since September 2013.

Community Energy GM

18 diverse organisations across Greater Manchester are raising the funds they need for solar panels that will cut carbon, boost budgets and get local communities thinking about energy, fuel poverty and climate change. Each of the groups taking part is ...

Chapel Farm

A former landfill owned by Swindon Borough Council this is an 8MW solar park on a shared ownership basis. The project is currently going through procurement and has a CIC registered to it. Once the procurement exercise is finished the ...

Common Farm

Common Farm is a Swindon Borough Council owned farm that is being shared with the current onsite farming activities to deliver an 8MW solar park. The project is currently going through procurement and once the procurement process is finalised the ...

Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral project

Located in rural Cheshire, Ashton Hayes is a well knit community of about 1000 people that is aiming to become England's first carbon neutral community. We started our journey in January 2006 and since then we have already cut our ...

Communities for Renewables CIC

CfR is a specialist advisory company that helps local energy enterprises, local authorities and commercial developers to develop, finance and manage renewable energy generation schemes that are owned by and run for the benefit of the local community. CfR also ...

Community Energy Warwickshire

Community Energy Warwickshire is a community-based energy co-operative which aims to help generate renewable energy and reduce energy consumption in Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull. It has installed solar panels on the roofs at local hospitals. It has run energy saving ...

Communities Living Sustainably in Dorset

CLS helps people living in Bridport, Dorchester and surrounding areas to adapt to climate change and live more sustainable lifestyles. It works specifically on: Community renewable energy - community owned solar PV on local schools and community buildings, and community ...

Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC)

Totnes Renewable Energy Society (TRESOC) is a community benefit society formed by a group of local residents. Its aim is to empower the local community to develop and control its own renewable energy supplies and to ensure that the maximum ...

Sheffield Renewables (South Yorkshire Police)

South Yorkshire Police 50kw solar scheme producing around 40 kw/h Install Dec 2015

Sheffield Renewables (Paces Campus)

50 kw solar scheme on a sports hall of community building Produces around 40k kw/h Install May 2014

South East London Community Energy

You can now invest in South East London's first community energy share offer. South East London Community Energy (SELCE) volunteers have invested over 4,000 hours to bring you the opportunity to invest in creating clean energy on schools and eliminating ...

Hackney Energy

Hackney Energy is a community energy group in Hackney, London. Hackney Energy aims to create renewable energy and low carbon projects that benefit the Hackney community by: generating safe, clean energy. increasing understanding of climate change and the potential of ...

Tring Community Energy (TriCE)

We are a Community Benefit Society and will launching our first share offer in the early part of 2016. We will be raising £45,000 to put solar panels on Tring Park Cricket Club roof. The Cricket Club provides facilities for ...

Solar SOAS

Solar SOAS is a project to create a community energy project at SOAS, University of London by crowdfunding for solar panels on the university's unused roofs

Moorhouse Lane Solar Array

The Moorhouse Lane Solar Array is our first local community energy generation scheme. It consists of some 7,200 solar panels with a peak output of 1.83MW. It will produce enough electricity for around 500 homes. It cost just over £2 ...

Ham Lane Solar Array

Ham Lane Solar Array is our second community energy project. It consists of 3600 panels and has a peak output of 915kW. It will generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of 250 homes.

Ham Lane Solar Array

Ham Lane Solar Array is our second community energy project. It consistsof 3600 panels and has a peak output of 915kW. It will generate electricity equivalent to the consumption of 250 homes.

Warm & well

In June 2016, PEC were awarded almost £500,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to use for 4 years to help disabled people in Plymouth stay warm and well. They can now support anyone with a physical disability, mental health need ...

Ernesettle Community Solar

Plymouth Energy Community teamed up with Plymouth City Council and a local economic development trust to build a 4.1MW ground-mounted solar array on derelict land. Built using short-term finance in advance of cuts to subsidies, they are refinancing the array ...

Westmill Wind Farm

Westmill wind farm was the first in the South East of England and the first 100% community owned scheme in the UK. Rated at 6.5MW, its five turbines came online in February 2008. The wind farm produces low-carbon electricity in ...

West Solent Solar Cooperative

A 2.4MW solar farm on a restored gravel pit near Lymington and opposite the Isle of Wight.

Local Energy Scotland

Local Energy Scotland is a consortium made up of the Energy Saving Trust (EST), Changeworks, The Energy Agency, Scarf and The Wise Group. Local Energy Scotland administers and manages the Scottish Government's Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) with support ...

Energy Alton

In 2015 Eggar’s School, Amery Hill School, both secondary Academies and Alton Sixth form College were approached by Energy Alton offering to put solar panels on the three sites at no cost to the schools and the College. The capital ...

Sustainable Energy 24 (SE24)

SE24 is a new community group based in South London. We aim to encourage and develop locally-owned renewable energy projects, so that we can all reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and put money back into the local community. To ...

Liverpool Solar Community

A community shares offer to install solar panels on three community buildings and one school in Liverpool generating up to 100kWp and saving around £200,000 on energy bills over 20 years. As well as helping communities 'go solar', investors get ...

Fal Energy Partnership Solar Roofs

We are crowdfunding!