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The Community Energy Hub

This page explains what the hub is. If you need to know how to use the hub, see here.

What is Community Energy?

“Community energy” is an all-encompassing term for groups of people coming to together to reduce energy use, purchase, manage and generate low carbon heat and power.

Community energy projects are often delivered collectively by a group or organisation with a focus on engagement, local leadership and strong positive outcomes for the local community. Community groups often have distinct, specific localised goals with an overarching benefit of tackling climate change, energy security and the affordability of energy.

Who are Community Energy England?

Community Energy England represents and supports those committed to creating the conditions within which the community energy sector can rapidly scale and grow across the country. Community energy includes the delivery of community renewables, energy efficiency, demand reduction and energy supply projects as further described here.

The Community Energy Hub aims to:

The Hub is a free resource for community energy projects that will be developed on an ongoing basis to expand the amount of information available.

This is your Community Energy Hub, please help us to continually improve the site by:


The hub is a great place to promote your Community Energy events. Once you have signed up, you can add events. You can link to external sites such as Eventbrite or you can allow Hub members to display if they are attending your event. The map function allows you to clearly show where your event is, just make sure you are very specific with the venue details. By only putting a city, the map will pick a central location and could cause confusion to guests. Community Energy England administrate the site and will remove any events that are not Community Energy related.1. Setting up a profile for yourself

  1. Setting up a profile for your organisation and/or a "project page" to promote your activity and share information resources with other groups.
  2. Sending us links to any other resources you think should be added to, or signposted from, the site (please use the feedback form **HERE **or email to: (visit our** "How to use" **page to find out more about suggestions 1&2 above).

The Hub has been established with funding from the UK government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Northern Powergrid. It was established in partnership between Community Energy England, Project Dirt and SE2 with support from Pure Leapfrog, Regen SW, London Sustainability Exchange (LSx), Forum for the Future and AEA Ricardo. The Hub is now managed by Community Energy England.