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  • Growth Prospects for Energy Storage

    Regen's market insight document explores the next wave of energy storage, how the market may develop as well as the challenges and growth opportunities for co-locating storage with generation and ...

  • What is Energy Storage?'s short guide on energy storage technologies.

  • Low Carbon Technology Research Grant

    The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) is investing in a limited number of collaborative research and development (R&D) pre-production match funded projects; including energy storage and development.

  • Energy Storage in the UK: An Overview

    ​The aim of this report is to increase knowledge of the industry among various stakeholders.This report encompasses an updated summary of the current technologies; support available internationally for storage technologies; ...

  • Batteries and Solar Power Guidance

    Potentially batteries can help you use more of the electricity generated by your PV system, saving you money on your electricity bill. But they’re not for everyone, as you generally ...

  • Community energy - The Way Forward

    ​A report by 10:10.