Community Energy Videos

Community energy videos
These films were made by CSE in 2011 but are still essential viewing for groups considering making an application to UCEF.

General introductions to the main renewable energy technologies
Hydro power: an introduction (7 mins)
Heat pumps: an introduction (5 mins)
Wind: an introduction (11 mins)
Biomass: an introduction (6 mins)
Solar power: an introduction (9 mins)

Once your project team has settled on a technology, but before you go any further ...
Solar power: things to consider before starting a project (6 mins)
Biomass district heating or an Esco: things to consider before starting a project (8 mins)
Wind: things to consider before starting a project (7 mins)
Hydro power: things to consider before starting a project (8 mins)
Heat pumps: things to consider before starting a project (4 mins)
Anaerobic digestion: things to consider before starting a project (9 mins)

Finally, some of the critical issues behind a sucessful community renewable energy project:
Managing a community project (12 mins)
Running a community consultation (9 mins)
Becoming a legally recognised entity (5 mins)
Getting planning permission (12 mins)
Project finance (3 mins)




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