Community Renewables Solar Thermal module

This guide will assist with installing solar thermal systems in England and help you understand the steps needed to deliver a project. The Community Renewables Toolkit is designed as a reference guide covering all sizes of project. Individual solar thermal systems on single buildings have different requirements to larger multi-panel/multi-building systems. The outline requirements for both will be explained in detail.

The guide is structured into four parts:

  • Solar thermal context
  • Project Overview
  • Project Steps
  • Phases and Breakpoints

Further Information

The development of a project is laid out in a step by step process. Each section includes breakpoints to help groups understand whether a project is suitable to progress. The process is also designed so that key areas can be revisited with more detail as the project moves forward.

Useful for:

  • Community groups
  • Community business groups
  • Social enterprises
  • Rural-based businesses.

The CARES toolkit has been developed to provide tailored advice depending on the business type and this will be highlighted where necessary.




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